About us

Singapore Atheists is an informal network of Singaporean atheists from all walks of life. Founded in 2004 as ‘Atheist Haven’, we are renamed as ‘Singapore Atheists’  in 2006. Today, we are based primarily on our Facebook group, which serves a platform for discussions and also hosting events.

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One Comment on “About us”

  1. Steven Anastasi says:

    To Singapore Atheists
    My name is Steven Anastasi, I’m from Melbourne Australia I have created an easy to use App that can help people that wish to be Excommunicated from the Catholic church.

    Here is a brief description:
    Excommunication App –
    created by Steven Anastasi July 2012 – developed by Appscore

    Welcome to the Excommunicate App the formal application people can use to express and request a formal Excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church. People for differing reasons may wish to be excommunicated, perhaps simply they don’t wish to be counted as being catholic anymore. This App offers simple and easy options under the churches own Canon Law to help you qualify for excommunication. Of course you must have been baptized under the catholic church in order to be excommunicated.
    Excommunication-App is no way connected with any other mainstream religion or non religion organization, the app is simply an avenue people can explore in order to formally separate themselves from the catholic church. At Excomm-App it is believed that people should have the power and voice to choose how they are identified and should be shown the respect and curtsy when it is requested. Under the churches canon law there are several criteria that one must meet in order to qualify, by using the declaration form in this app you will have the option of several areas to meet plus any other additional comments or reasons you may wish to express.

    At the conclusion of the declaration form all information will be sent via an email attached to the app, at this point you be will prompt to select under which country region, and diocese you fall under, it is important to select the correct region as to receive any response/acknowledgment from the relevant Church hierarchy.
    It’s as easy as that, well done and thank you for choosing Excommunicate, always remember only you have the right as to how you’re being counted and how you should be identified.

    I have attached the Link to the ITunes store,
    It would be wonderful if you could spread the word.
    I will understand if you do not wish to endorse/promote this App and will not bother the good people at Singapore Atheists in the future

    Steven Anastasi
    Excommunication App

    FW: Excommunication App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/excommunicate-guide-to-enlightenment/id598828143?ls=1&mt=8

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