What is atheism?

An atheist is simply anyone who does not believe in God. The full list of philosophical, sociological and emotional reasons behind their atheism will take a lifetime to learn. Most atheists become atheistic pretty much on their own, reading up, reflecting about life and coming to their own conclusions without any help from ‘missionaries’.

But generally, atheists are atheists because they are happy being one. That’s it.

Does it mean they believe in nothing? No!

Atheists are normal people like you and me. They can believe in life, in poetry, in music, in love, in compassion, in equality, in art, in science, in hope. In fact, they are normal human beings wanting a better life for themselves. In fact, no different from the 7 billion+ people that inhabit this planet.

They are scientists, philosophers, humanitarians, philantrophists, teachers, musicians, animators, sportsmen. Not just that, they could be poor people, rich people, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, schoolmates, sons, daughters, gays, lesbians, teachers, peer tutors and even your next-door neighbour.

If you an atheist in Singapore, you are not alone. The Singaporean Atheists group, based on Facebook, is an active site for socialising and discussion among 100+ local atheists.


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